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Our indirect tax consultants help you plan strategically to reduce your indirect tax costs by developing efficient indirect tax structures, preventing leakage and averting the damage that can be caused by non-compliance.

We are committed to helping our clients succeed and are passionate about providing comprehensive service.

International business travellers incur VAT / Tax on a wide range of expenses like costs of accommodation, meals, conferences / exhibitions, marketing, car hire and professional fees. By reclaiming you can reduce the cost of your business travel expenses by as much as 27%.
Progressing globalisation and increase in international trade constitute some of major growth challenges for companies. Based on high level of complexity, the considerable financial risk of managing domestic and international Value Added Tax (VAT) or Tax compliance should not be underestimated.
As the business is expanding internationally, corporate tax planning is key element to examine tax risks, financial risk and put in place optimal tax strategies to minimize your risks.
One of the most intriguing issues in taxation globally is Transfer Pricing. Multi-national companies (MNCs) are persistently forced to seek tax-saving measures in their endeavour to increase their bottom-line.
Our Team of seasoned International Tax Experts keep abreast and maintain knowledge of tax legislative changes as well as the impact of interpretation of tax laws by the international Tax Authorities or courts.

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