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Human Resourcing / Head Hunting

Human Resourcing / Head Hunting

Through our dedicated recruitment team, UTTRCO has the extensive experience of Resourcing / Headhunting in a broad range of Industries.

We understand fully that the best candidates are sometimes already employed; serving in and excelling at exactly the capacity you need to fill. This makes headhunting a logical approach that has been used for decades.

A dedicated account manager is available to save you time and manpower required to fill positions, hence your importance can be placed on other business critical issues.

Our specialised recruiters will carefully check your requirements and offer you a bespoke and competitive solution, including a preferred pricing model.

In today’s economy we know how vital it is to build a strong and capable team. UTTRCO Recruitment service has various in depth processes which we follow to source the right candidate for your organisation – suitably qualified and assessed ready for Interview.

We also provide background and language checks or technical tests FREE of charge.

Covering Global markets with partner agencies located in many cities of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Far East providing local presence & assistance as and when required with assessment centres, outplacement or training facilities.

UTTRCO Recruitment Service

  • Total commitment to Customer Care
  • All candidates are interviewed face to face so that we know they are right for you
  • We carry out separate checks to confirm the eligibility of candidate
  • We have an extensive suite of value added services that means we can create a genuinely bespoke service for your business
  • We’ll act quickly and deliver results for you – within deadline and on budget
  • Dedicated account management
  • Competitive and affordable
  • Comprehensive CV database
  • Sophisticated and discreet head hunting service

It is vital our behaviour recognises the value of the individuals and the organisations we work with. We remain aware of the great importance that work has for them. We act with complete respect for the needs of the individuals and corporations we work with.

Interested in transforming your organisation? Make UTTRCO your recruitment partner of choice by getting in touch today.

Make UTTRCO your recruitment
partner of choice by getting
in touch today.

Middle East: +971 4449 7400 and Europe: +44 20 8150 6779

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