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Foreign VAT / Tax Recovery

Foreign VAT / Tax Recovery

International business travellers incurr VAT / Tax on a wide range of expenses like costs of accommodation, meals, conferences / exhibitions, marketing, car hire and professional fees. U Turn Tax Refund can help your company reclaim all eligible foreign VAT / Tax. This can reduce the cost of your business travel expenses by as much as 27%.

Claiming foreign sales taxes from multiple countries is complicated and very time consuming due to the required cumbersome paperwork. Companies managing their VAT / Tax reclaims on a wide range of business purchases and employee expenditures. Accurate compliance becomes progressively more difficult and the reimbursement process might be even more ambiguous in case of businesses involved in rendering financial services.

Many companies find the procedure particularly difficult because of the local language requirements and lack of harmonised regulations in the qualifying countries.

We understand that companies like yours simply might not have the necessary resources, country specific tax jurisdiction expertise to effectively manage foreign sales taxes.

We offer streamlined end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, from sole-proprietors submitting one-off claims to global enterprises requiring a centralised solution for numerous claims handling.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Foreign tax recovery for EU businesses
  • Foreign tax recovery for non-EU businesses
  • Invoices reissuance
  • Supplier refund
  • Import VAT / Tax recovery
  • Aviation VAT / Tax recovery
  • Bad debts VAT / Tax recovery
  • Liaising with the country local Tax Authorities
  • Clients reporting

Premium Service:

If you're in need of a cash boost, enquire about our premium service today where you can get your refund in just 5 days! (Subject to terms and conditions)

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