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There are 2 types of personal tax you can reclaim:
  • Tax on shopping when abroad, visit our partner's website Ushoptaxfree.com
  • Tax that has been charged on income (if you have overpaid, worked or studied abroad), visit our personal income tax services website Getmytaxback.com (a trading division of U Turn Tax Refund).
Value Added Tax imposed on most goods or services throughout the EEC (European Community) The rate varies from 5% to 25%
Contact us and we will send you the most uptodate table for commonly claimed business expenses.
A company which is not registered in the country where the claim is being made, or the business is non-EU based and registered for business purposes in the country of origin.
The "Certificate of Taxable Status" is proof that the company is registered for tax in its own country. It is available from your principal Tax Authority. In some countries this Certificate is issued either by your Tax Authority or Business Registration authority. In some Middle East countries it will be issued by your local Chamber of Commerce. Please note that the Certificate will be valid for twelve months from the date of Issue, so you will only need to submit it once a year, we will advise you when your current Certificate is due for renewal. A valid "Certificate of Taxable Status" must be an original, (photocopies, faxes, or emailed certificates will not be accepted by the Tax Authorities).
Yes we must have all the original invoices and receipts as the local tax authorities will not accept any scanned photocopies, faxes or email invoices.
A letter that authorises UTTR to deal direct with the Tax Authority on your behalf.
Yes, there are very strict deadlines imposed by each tax authority. Our online brochure will give you all the dates by which we need to receive your paperwork in order to process your claim. Link to the deadline table
Once your claim is submitted to the Tax Authorities, it can take up to 8 months to process your claim in the UK. Other countries have different turn round times (Please see the refund table for details of turn-around times)
Once you download our registration form you must fill in all the required sections and post it along with your original invoices, receipts and the status certificate to your local office or contact us now.
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